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2019 Tournament of Champions at Galaxy Lanes and Games

Oil Pattern: Autobahn 50 uL
Brian Mason1st$500 (MBC Entries)
Bill Gibson2nd$100 (MBC Entries)
Chris MartinHigh Handicap GameMBC Grip Sack

November 24 Singles at Galaxy Bowling

Oil Pattern: Route 66 50 uL

Payout: 1 in 3.83
Brandon Wolfe1st$500
Brian Mason2nd$250
Daniel Chitwood3rd$125
Chris Martin4th$90
Harry McConnell5th$50
Susan Sharp6th$50
Bill Gibson7th$50
Larry Gregory8th$50
Scott Yow9th$45
David Smith10th$45
Bruce Miller11th$45
Michelle Loewy12th$45
Brian MasonHigh Handicap GameMBC Grip Sack

November 10 Singles at Fannin Lanes

Oil Pattern: Alcatraz

Payout: 1 in 3.83
Tan Nguyen1st$500
Donnie Neal2nd$250
Keith Cobb3rd$125
Bruce Miller4th$65
Cheryl Salettel5th$55
Janet Burrell6th$55
Martha Wolfe7th$55
Chuck Owens8th$55
Scott Yow9th$45
Dennis L Snyder10th$45
Bill Gibson11th$45
Randy Foster12th$45
Keith CobbHigh Handicap GameBlack MBC Cap

October 20 Singles at Galaxy Lanes and Games

Oil Pattern: Sphinx

Payout: 1 in 3.92
Daniel Chitwood1st$500
Martha Wolfe2nd$250
Bruce Miller3rd$125
Adam Bellinger4th$85
Mitch Ray L5th$55
Tanya Logan6th$55
Joseph Madden7th$55*
Wayne Green Jr8th$55
Maria Malone9th$45
Larry Gregory10th$45
Moose Littlejohn11th$45
Peiyin Chen12th$45
Daniel ChitwoodHigh Handicap GameMBC Grip Sack

October 13 Singles at Sky Lanes

Oil Pattern: 2012 PBA US Open

Payout: 1 in 5.50
Bruce Miller1st$500
Michelle Loewy2nd$100
Eric Obermiller3rd$40
Billy Fritts4th$40
Daniel ArringtonHigh Handicap GameBlue MBC Cap

September 22 Singles at UltraStar Cherokee

Oil Pattern: Sunset Strip

Payout: 1 in 3.92
Butch Pritchett1st$500
Daniel Arrington2nd$250
Chuck Owens3rd$125
Gary English4th$100
Daniel Chitwood5th$50
Chris Martin6th$50
Moose Littlejohn7th$50
Billy Fritts8th$50
Adam Bellinger9th$45
Michelle Loewy10th$45
Bruce Miller11th$45
Richard Dempsey12th$45
Moose LittlejohnHigh Handicap GameMBC Grip Sack

Labor Day Doubles at Galaxy Lanes and Games

Oil Pattern: 2009 USBC Clash of Champions

Payout: 1 in 4.38
Billy Fritts / Samantha Ray1st$2000
Osborne Guy / Samantha Ray2nd$1000
Adam Bellinger / Daniel Chitwood3rd$500
Gary English / John Carter4th$250
Billy Fritts / Michelle Loewy5th$200
Daniel Chitwood / Moose Littlejohn6th$180
Bill White / Moose Littlejohn7th$160
John Carter / Tim Whisnant8th$140
Curtis Queen / Samantha Ray9th$130
Curtis Queen / Keith Cobb10th$120
Andy Martin / Bill White11th$110
Billy Fritts / Martha Wolfe12th$100
Bruce Miller / Michelle Loewy13th$90
Chris Martin / John Carter14th$90
Daniel Arrington / Sean Masters15th$90
Anthony Robinson / James Carver16th$90
Jeremiah Dodge / Sherry Durrah17th$90
Michelle Loewy / Mike Potts18th$90
Bill White / Bruce Miller19th$90
Michelle Loewy / Samantha Ray20th$90
Gary English / Tim Whisnant21st$90
Martha Wolfe / Samantha Ray22nd$90
Jeremiah Dodge / Michelle Loewy23rd$90
Scott Buchanan / Wayne Green Jr24th$90
Moose LittlejohnHigh Handicap GameBlack MBC Cap

August 25 Singles at Oconee Lanes

Oil Pattern: Route 66 50uL

Payout: 1 in 3.44
Adam Bellinger1st$500
Brian Mason2nd$250
Chris Barton3rd$125
Keith Cobb4th$100
Daniel Chitwood5th$60
Moose Littlejohn6th$60
Reggie Doster Jr7th$60
Bruce Miller8th$60
Peiyin Chen9th$50
Sherry Durrah10th$50
Daniel Arrington11th$50
Jeremiah Dodge12th$50
Tanner Dye13th$45
Hunter Dye14th$45
Van Day15th$45
Jim McCreary16th$45
Bruce MillerHigh Handicap GameBlue MBC Cap

August 11 Singles at Fannin Lanes

Oil Pattern: 2015 PBA50 Regional Tour Viper

Payout: 1 in 3.88
Moose Littlejohn1st$500
Daniel Chitwood2nd$250
Osborne Guy3rd$150
Paula Day4th$100
Diggy Wolfe5th$85
Daniel Arrington6th$85
Michael Deyton7th$85
Sean Masters8th$85
Janet Burrell9th$70
Brian Mason10th$70
Donnie W Neel11th$70
Van Day12th$70
Mitchell Reed13th$55
Linda Hughes14th$55
William Mull15th$55
Carson Lance16th$55
Sean MastersHigh Handicap GameMBC Grip Sack

July 28 Singles at UltraStar Cherokee

Oil Pattern: The Max

Payout: 1 in 3.63
Tiffany Thompson1st$500
Martha Wolfe2nd$250
Chuck Owens3rd$125
Tanya Logan4th$105
Peiyin Chen5th$80
Mitch Ray L6th$80
Samantha Ray7th$80
Adam Bellinger8th$80
Daniel Chitwood9th$70
Keith Cobb10th$70
Barry Mann11th$70
Gary English12th$70
Kala Henkell13th$55
Bob Wingard14th$55
Brandon Wolfe15th$55
Van Day16th$55
Chuck OwensHigh Handicap GameBlack MBC Cap

July 14 Singles at Galaxy Lanes and Games

Oil Pattern: 2019 PBA Dragon 45

Payout: 1 in 3.80
Tanya Logan1st$500
Daniel Chitwood2nd$250
Tiffany Thompson3rd$200
Thomas Woolbright4th$175
Samantha Ray5th$150
Marshall Hagen6th$100
Mitch Ray L7th$90
Susan Dirr8th$80
Bruce Miller9th$70
Curtis Queen10th$70
Adam Bellinger11th$70
Jim McCreary12th$70
Billy Fritts13th$60
Scott Yow14th$60
Osborne Guy15th$60
Nicholas Thompson16th$60
Brian Mason17th$45
Lawrence Gregory18th$45
Lamar Moore19th$45
Billy Jones20th$45
Daniel ChitwoodHigh Handicap GameMBC Grip Sack

June 23 Singles at Galaxy Bowling

Oil Pattern: Route 66

Payout: 1 in 3.63
Bill Gibson1st$500
Chuck Owens2nd$250
Chris Martin3rd$125
Adam Bellinger4th$100
Sam Wolfe5th$90
Jim McCreary6th$85
Chris Barton7th$80
Reggie Doster Jr8th$75
Van Day9th$65
Janet Burrell10th$65
Osborne Guy11th$65
Jeremy Lands12th$65
Ashley Brunhoff13th$50
Richard Laroe14th$50
Nicole Lands15th$50
Jason Koch16th$50
Adam BellingerHigh Handicap GameBlue MBC Cap

June 9 Singles at Boulevard Lanes

Oil Pattern: Dead Mans Curve

Payout: 1 in 3.38
Adam Bellinger1st$500
Mycah Caudle2nd$250
Nicholas Thompson3rd$125
Keith Cobb4th$100
Daniel Chitwood5th$80
Chris Martin6th$70
Jim McCreary7th$60
Casey Mann8th$50
Brandon Wolfe9th$45
Barry Mann10th$45
Lamar Moore11th$45
Billy Fritts12th$45
Scott Yow13th$40
Diggy Wolfe14th$40
Joey Melton15th$40
Tiffany Thompson16th$40
Lamar MooreHigh Handicap GameMBC Grip Sack

Memorial Day Doubles at Star Lanes

Oil Pattern: 2016 USBC Open Championship Team

Payout: 1 in 4.55
Billy Fritts / Moose Littlejohn1st$2000
Bill White / Moose Littlejohn2nd$1000
Landon Robinson / Peiyin Chen3rd$500
Diggy Wolfe / Storme Cochran4th$250
Gin Knight / Paul McJunkin5th$150
Landon Robinson / Osborne Guy6th$140
Curtis Queen / Moose Littlejohn7th$130
James Carver / Landon Robinson8th$120
James Carver / Osborne Guy9th$110
Curtis Queen / Keith Cobb10th$100
Bill White / Lamar Moore11th$90
Billy Fritts / Josh Lewis12th$90
Moose Littlejohn / Wayne Green Jr13th$90
Curtis Queen / Jim Shuler14th$90
Lamar Moore / Moose Littlejohn15th$90
Bill Gibson / Jason Koch16th$90
Barry Ramey / Keith Cobb17th$90
Keith Cobb / Lindsey Ramey18th$90
Gary English / Moose Littlejohn19th$90
Bill White / Gary English20th$90
Paul McJunkinHigh Handicap GameBlack MBC Cap

May 12 Singles at Galaxy Lanes and Games

Oil Pattern: 2019 PBA Bear 41

Payout: 1 in 3.50
Barry Mann1st$500
Samantha Ray2nd$250
Moose Littlejohn3rd$125
Wayne Green Jr4th$100
Osborne Guy5th$90
Charlie Dills6th$85
Billy Jones7th$80
Casey Mann8th$75
Brandon Wolfe9th$65
Jason Koch10th$65
Paul McJunkin11th$65
Billy Fritts12th$65
Martha Wolfe13th$45
Zan Taylor14th$45
James McCreary15th$45
Ginny Knight16th$45
Billy JonesHigh Handicap GameMBC Grip Sack

April 28 Singles at Sky Lanes

Oil Pattern: Statue of Liberty

Payout: 1 in 3.42
Brandon Ramsey1st$500
Jason Warren2nd$250
Bill Gibson3rd$125
Brandon Wolfe4th$50
Michelle Loewy5th$45
Virginia Knight6th$45
Conor Mulderrig7th$45
Roger Molina8th$45
Osborne Guy9th$40
Chris Russow10th$40
Paul McJunkin11th$40
Billy Jones12th$40
Bill GibsonHigh Handicap GameBlue MBC Cap

April 14 Singles at UltraStar Cherokee

Oil Pattern: The Max

Payout: 1 in 3.63
Bill White1st$500
Wayne Wolfe L2nd$250
Rachel Price3rd$125
Sam Wolfe4th$100
Brian Mason5th$75
Cody Ramey6th$75
Dwayne Evans7th$75
Moose Littlejohn8th$75
William Gibson9th$60
Tom Schultz10th$60
Daniel Chitwood11th$60
Chris Barton12th$60
Michelle Loewy13th$45
Martha Wolfe14th$45
Billy Jones15th$45
Bryant Ottinger16th$45
Bill WhiteHigh Handicap GameMBC Grip Sack

March 24 Singles at UltraStar Murphy

Oil Pattern: PBA Del Ballard 34

Payout: 1 in 4.08
Diggy Wolfe1st$500
Daniel Chitwood2nd$250
Adam Bellinger3rd$125
Mark Beckman4th$100
Chris Barton5th$85
Dustin Hooper6th$75
Chris Martin7th$65
Billy Jones8th$55
Brian Mason9th$45
Zach Moore10th$45
Martha Wolfe11th$45
Michael Morrow12th$45
Chris MartinHigh Handicap GameBlack MBC Cap

March 10 Singles at Lighning Lanes

Oil Pattern: Chichen Itza

Payout: 1 in 4.25
Wayne Green Jr1st$500
Tommy Burrell2nd$50
Lamar Moore3rd$45
Gary Carter4th$45
Wayne Green JrHigh Handicap GameMBC Grip Sack

February 24 Marathon at Galaxy Lanes and Games

Oil Pattern: S Red Square

Payout: 1 in 3.54
Brian Mason1st$1000
Curtis Queen2nd$500
Bill White3rd$250
Lamar Moore4th$125
Moose Littlejohn5th$120
Bill English6th$115
Susan Dirr7th$110
Shelly Miller8th$105
Maria Malone9th$100
Keith Cobb10th$100
Dustin Hooper11th$100
Curtis QueenHigh Handicap GameBlue MBC Cap

February 10 Singles at Galaxy Lanes and Games

Oil Pattern: 2007 USBC Open Championship (Transfer Roller Conversion)

Payout: 1 in 4.9
Moose Littlejohn1st$600
Evan Dean2nd$300
Billy Fritts3rd$150
Trent Dean4th$125*
Martha Wolfe5th$100
Joseph Madden6th$95*
Bill White7th$90
Shaun Stonesifer8th$85
Marshall Hagen9th$75
Keith Cobb10th$70
Daniel Gibson11th$65
Dustin Hooper12th$60
Adam BellingerHigh Handicap GameMBC Grip Sack

January 27 Singles at Oconee Lanes

Oil Pattern: Middle Road

Payout: 1 in 4.75
Brian Mason1st$500
Rachel Price2nd$250
Evans Wright3rd$125
Trent Dean4th$85*
Chris Barton5th$75
Bobby Valentine6th$65
Michelle Loewy7th$55
Michael Morrow8th$45
Brian MasonHigh Handicap GameBlack MBC Cap

January 13 Singles at UltraStar Cherokee

Oil Pattern: Salvino 44

Payout: 1 in 3.92
Joseph Madden1st$500*
Dustin Hooper2nd$250
Wayne Green Jr.3rd$125
Marshall Hagen4th$100
Trent Dean5th$80*
Lamar Moore6th$75
Brandon Wolfe7th$70
Martha Wolfe8th$65
Sam Wolfe9th$60
Tom Schultz10th$55
Brad Madden11th$50
Osborne Guy12th$45
Joe Madden and Trent DeanHigh Handicap GameMBC Grip Sack
* SMART Scholarship
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